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Single concert tickets now available for the entire 2023-2024 Sioux City Symphony Orchestra season - Purchase your single tickets here

Premium Four

Use your Premium Four tickets when and how you like. The SCSO can fit into your schedule and lifestyle.

Pick four of your favorite SC Symphony concerts and receive a significant discount off the regular single ticket price.

Design your own unique concert season and save money at the same time! To create your personalized “PREMIUM FOUR” package call us at 712-277-2111 today!

Season Subscriber Plus

What better way to support and enjoy the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra than with a season subscription! When you subscribe with us, you receive more than just great perks; you join a community of music lovers.

Besides experiencing the thrill and joy of live performances by the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra, you will also enjoy world-class personalized service that makes it easy to say “yes” to subscribing!

Purchase your season subscription today and unlock exclusive benefits.

Season Subscriber Plus Benefits:
1. Save $$
2. Season Subscriber Plus (SCSO.LIVE)
3. Priority Seating
4. Bonus Ticket Voucher
5. Tax Deduction for Unused Tickets
6. Complimentary Ticket Exchanges
7. Lost Ticket Replacements
8. Payment Plan Options

Request Season Tickets

If you're interested in season tickets to the SCSO, please submit a request via email and a member of our staff will be in touch to confirm your seats and process your payment.

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