Dear SCSO Supporters,

May 29 2015

On behalf of the musicians, staff, administration and board of directors, I welcome you to the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra's 100th Anniversary Season!

I am both humbled and honored to be able to lead this fantastically inspiring orchestra into such a significant season in our Symphony's history.

The 100th year will be filled with magnificent celebrations and beautiful memories. There will also be a considerable amount of anticipation surrounding the journey that lies ahead for the SCSO and what monumental achievements are on the horizon.

This season, you will experience wonderfully unique concerts paired with a variety of extraordinary, groundbreaking moments. These truly are exciting times and we look forward to having you be a part of this adventure.

I am often left inspired and mesmerized by the perseverance and devotion that our musicians have for the SCSO. It is because of their dedication that we, as an orchestra, are able to fully commit to artistic innovation as we continue to raise the bar year after year.

It is because of this spirit that our musicians, our dedicated board of directors, our hard working administration, and our ever-growing audience, care that our art continues to thrive. It is through the passion, the need, and the desire for live musical experience that we allow ourselves to be transported into the next century of great symphonic performance.

Music gives us strength to live and to experience life in a brand-new way.

With this in mind, let's celebrate the wonderful achievement of 100 years!

Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey into the next century of extraordinary music making!

Ryan Haskins
Music Director

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